To all yall,
Happy new year in advance......
May we live longer to more of this season IJN

41 w

It is the devil ! It is the witches!

Why must we always attribute the evil we perpetuate to the devil or the witches who are in their coven.

Who is the devil?
That question I won't answer.

Man is the enemy of himself!

Stop the kidnap, killings,thiefrey,rape and other forms of violence!

And the community would be a better place to live.

That name calling must stop!
The devil
The witches!

41 w

The Human Body After Death

3rd day- Nails begin to fall off
4th day- Hair begins to feel off
5th day- Brains starts to melt as
Insects feed on
6th day-Skin starts to peel off
7th day-Stomach begins to melt from mouth and private parts emitting strong odours

60 day -Whole body reduced to mere bones.

Vanity upon vanity.

The life that you have now make it count!

For you
For your children
For your community!


44 w

Wow take a look at the power of nature in Austria

44 w

You must read this.
I got re- United with a friend of 20years and we started changing package.

Thanks to the miracle of 9jacommunity because I used my Real Identity.

Guys you may not know what you are losing using Akward identities.

You helper might be there and cannot locate you.

Why look for a black goat in the dark.

Imagine names like Horlabisi for Olabisi,Suuundaay For Sunday and host of other Akwards.

9jacommunity is real.
Use you real names for registration.


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