Wow take a look at the power of nature in Austria


You must read this.
I got re- United with a friend of 20years and we started changing package.

Thanks to the miracle of 9jacommunity because I used my Real Identity.

Guys you may not know what you are losing using Akward identities.

You helper might be there and cannot locate you.

Why look for a black goat in the dark.

Imagine names like Horlabisi for Olabisi,Suuundaay For Sunday and host of other Akwards.

9jacommunity is real.
Use you real names for registration.


Sunday Igboho Arrested In Benin Republic

Sunday Igboho Arrested In Benin Republic

According to report, a source privy to his departure from Nigeria said he had perfected plans to secretly escape from Nigeria through Cotonou and was heading to Germany.<br><br>He was, however, nabbed by security operatives in the neighboring country

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