Africa: Always giving more than we receive

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Now look what you have done by neglecting Africa, with your wealth you have become a voluntary prisoner in your own country, you are not able to go out without bodyguards, all these because you neglected the African schools and invested in a foreign school.

Storyline 1

Africa, like most other parts of the world, has for over 10000 years been a pivotal part of human existence and evolution, one could argue that without the enormous contribution of Africa the world advancements seen today would not have gone this far.
There is an issue, however, with the above-mentioned fact is that although the efforts of the Africans were and are still commendable, the rewards for African efforts not so commendable.
Let´s start with Egypt between the 14th–13th centuries BCE during the reign of one prince Moses. Moses, in his early years as a prince in Egypt, traveled deeper into the hearts of Africa, he was astonished by the build of the local indigenes, their strength, their valor, their intelligence, so much so that he formed allies with black African tribes.

Moses was provided with able-bodied men as a token of the alliance, Moses, in turn, brought his newfound black soldiers back to pharaoh where they were integrated into the then lazy bunch of soldiers hence making Moses the head of the most formidable army in the world as at that time.

With the biblical events that saw the exiling of Moses and the reign of Ramses II who it turns despised all the efforts of Moses, as a show of this hatred Ramses attacked the Africans (blacks ) who were at that time settled in Egypt, killing and enslaving the remnants of the black Africans including women and children on Jewish exodus from Egypt.
Furthermore, in the years between 69 BC until January 47 BC, African slaves were traded by Cleopatra and her brother Ptolemy XIV to the Romans in return for support from the Raman Empire, some even say that move single-handedly gave rise to the desire for big black slaves who could work even more than Oxes, hence the rise of the age of slavery began because the Africans decided to help a friend.
I call this a very bad payment for a good deed, a stab in the back, and a betrayal of friendship.

Storyline 2

With World War I raging in Europe, African soldiers were forced to fight for their colonial masters between 1914 and 1918. France recruited more Africans than any other colonial power, sending 450,000 troops from West and North Africa to fight against the Germans on the front lines.
The African soldiers who were promised  NORMAL CITIZENSHIP by their colonial masters in their respective countries found out the hard way that betrayal is a western way with those that remained in Europe found themselves living in slums and forgotten.
Another slap on the face for your friendship and loyalty.

Storyline 3

The war against Nazi Germany that began in 1939 and ended in 1945 left pretty much every building either destroyed, partially, or just bruized in the United Kingdom, faced with a severe shortage in labor the then government of the united kingdom went to some of its colonies Jamaica, Trinidad, and Tobago and other islands with the promise of resettlement if they helped with the building efforts, the first ship that docked in the shores of the United Kingdom was the HMT Empire Windrush bringing in the first 492 migrants from those countries in what should have been the start of a new multicultural United kingdom, the number of blacks soon rose to meet up the challenge.
Well, just like other African goodwill the descendants of the Windrush era were shocked in 2018 when it came to light that they were being held wrongfully, denied their legal rights, and even threatened with deportations, again a slap to the face.

Storyline 4

The imposition of the visa regime was meant to stop Africans from traveling to Europe and America, the problem there was that in most African countries at that time people could acquire multiple passports if rejected by a visa application one could just reapply under a different identity.
That was a loophole that impeded the restrictive visa strategy of the colonial masters.
Western colonial powers came up with the idea of talking African leaders into implementing biometric identifications for passport and ID card registration, the selling point is given by western countries was that with the implementation of biometric systems then visa applications would be granted much easier, and more Africans would be able to travel, well according to the US immigration reports of 2019 the number of Africans that slip through the visa cracks has been significantly reduced thus visa for Africans becomes even more difficult to receive.
The resulting factor of this biometric identification system is that now more Africans have their travel dreams squashed, the cost of bribes for a visa is at an all-time high, for example, an African startup entrepreneur who wants to travel out of Africa in search of new technologies that could enhance his or her business could end up paying a bribe of over $ 10000 - 15000 for a visa and if he or she cannot afford it then the business dreams would just remain that " a dream". Another consequence of this is that there is an ever-increasing number of Africans willing to risk their lives in traveling through unsafe routes thereby in some instances losing their lives. To even further exacerbate the issue, the same western governments have sabotage the African economies that jobs for the youths are missing thus resulting in higher crime levels, unrest, and deaths, yet another slap on the face.


Storyline 5

The introduction of the internet to African is seen as a positive step that created long-distance communication ease, internet business growth, and full accessibility, however, the internet is also a haven for cyber-criminals, in other words, the wash-wash fraudsters found their green pastures in the web. To combat the issues several directives were hantransfer to Africa, jail terms for convicted internet fraudsters, and even in some countries confiscation of the assets of the convicted person or persons.
It's all well and good but let us have a look at the reason and activities of these fraudsters A.K.A “yahoo boys“. Most yahoo boys are either secondary or University graduates with little or no job possibilities due to the policies of western countries that drain jobs away from African countries.

Out of desperation due to the unavailability of any prospects, these yahoo boys saw an opening, what is that opening? they discovered there in these days and times there are still white people willing to steal African resources and wealth.
Yes, you heard it right, they searched for people like themselves just with a different skin type whose interest is to tarnish the image or steal the wealth of Africa and then they corn them.
The thing I find annoying about the African government’s punishing of these individuals is that when the fraudsters send their emails out which they normally do in millions I guess, they try to entice people with stories of having some stolen money somewhere and offering readers a certain % of the supposed loot, now as an honest individual you obviously would reject or even report any such contacts to either the embassy of such a country or to your local authorities.

The so-called victims of such cyber-crimes do nothing of such, rather they invest in the supposed act of embezzling an African state, what is the result of this? the African authorities would arrest the African yahoo boy, humiliate him, take pictures and videos of him in dehumanizing conditions, parade him like a violent criminal, while the western governments would present the individual who fell for the scam in their country as an INNOCENT VICTIM.....hello your so-called victim is also a part of the crime !!! 

I think in legal terms the other person is complicit in the crime and even should be charged on multiple fronts for attempting to defraud a country rather than treated as a victim.
Another thing is that following the clam down of these individuals with the current African economics up evil perpetrated by western policies on African countries due to the current administrative robberies committed against African countries by these western countries, these fraudsters are left without a job or even any prospect of one.
The case, is an exponential increase in violent crimes, kidnappings, for example, the crime rate in Nigeria could be said to be worst than if the country was in an all-out war, the levels of poverty in Nigeria makes people living in a country suffering from drought and farming feel more fortunate, this is the thanks for killing your youths rewards from the western countries.

On the other hand, white men who travel to Africa and are able to steal African treasures are rewarded with knighthood e.g. Lord Lugard (Frederick John Dealtry Lugard, 1st Baron Lugard GCMG CB DSO PC, known as Sir Frederick Lugard between 1901 and 1928, was a British soldier, mercenary, explorer of Africa and colonial administrator.)after looting and stealing treasures from the Benin Kingdom.
These are but a very few instances mentioned here but I guess you understand my point if you have read so far, I do not condole crime but if my child and your child both commit crimes then they both should be punished equally, I will not pull out the tooth of my child while you give your child ice cream.
This goes out to all African leaders, before you make a deal with the white man please ensure that it has very visible and substantial benefits for your citizens and not just yourself, you have to know that the west needs you more than you need them.
Think of this, without the forceful inclusion of African men both wars in the 1900s would have been lost to the other side and what did you get for that?

Without the efforts of the hardworking Africans from Jamaica, Trinidad, and Tobago ( yes Africans ) most likely the construction works in the united kingdom would still be an ongoing project.
Without African China´s quest for world dominance cannot be possible so why even borrow, I would not! rather with the current world politics African states have the card to request certain things from China in return for their support, because without the African continent China would remain an Asian back ally dog with no outreach.
For those western educated Africans that do not even understand the western ideologies but still jump to Africa to try to sell it do you know that you are traitors to African values? oh, you don´t right? or you don´t know African values? well, let me tell you Africa is the home of unbiased hospitality, a place where strangers are fed, a place where children are communal assets, a place where love is pure.


What has your education done to Africa? those values are scarce, children are being kidnapped regularly, yes sure I know you will say it is Boko haram, but then whose policies actually created them?
Now look what you have done by neglecting Africa, with your wealth you have become a voluntary prisoner in your own country, you are not able to go out without bodyguards, all these because you neglected the African schools and invested in a foreign school.I am not here to advise you because I know you can see the results of your actions and I think you have learned your lessons, come let us deal better for African sake.

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kennedy Princewill Ezukam 28 w

very pure .good one.

kennedy Princewill Ezukam 28 w

very pure .good one.

kennedy Princewill Ezukam 28 w

very pure .good one.