Does the American FBI have the right to arrest people in Africa?

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This same issue exposes the level of colonial manipulation in the heads of most Nigerian, if one were to go into any social media platform you will find Nigerian actors' commentators, and what have you speaking greatly about an FBI indictment of a fellow Nigerian.

The recent case involving one Mr. Ramon Olorunwa Abbas, commonly known as Hushpuppi has brought to again confirmation of what I have been blogging about insult to Africans.
This same issue exposes the level of colonial manipulation in the heads of most Nigerian, if one were to go into any social media platform you will find Nigerian actors' commentators, and what have you speaking greatly about an FBI indictment of a fellow Nigerian.
What a shame, it is sad to note that most notable Africans historically were either betrayed or killed by fellow Africans because of greed for colonial powers' gifts.
The question I pose to all those making videos about Hushpuppi and Abba Kyari is this, is the FBI now world police? where was the FBI when billions of dollars belonging to Nigerians were looted to America? where was the FBI when toll gate killing was going on? i had the same thought too.

Another lesson to learn from history is that the American help is exactly the same as superman´s help that leaves you with more damage than without their help.
I even wonder why those guys on the web even speak ill of Abba Kyari instead of praising him... why praise him? well, it is simple since Nigerian independence anyone who gets close to the helm of government usually stole money and hides the loot in western countries but in the case of DCP Abba Kyari the money went into the country.... come on guys we really should support this trend because it definitely will not be bad for the Nigerian economy.

Another question for those shouting FBI and DCP Abba Kyari, do you know how much billions of dollars belonging to Nigerians money is stolen every year by Americans? when have you ever seen the FBI arrest an American for stealing from Africa? I leave you to answer it yourself
The last question to you is that is DCP Abba Kyari a resident of America or a citizen of America? i guess your answer is no, then what actually gives the FBI the right to even issue an arrest warrant against a citizen of another country? dear reader this is a modern type of " Look to the cross or die " situation where Africans are criminals and westerners are saints if we let it happen.

I do not favor corruption in government not even when the corrupt person is a supercop but do the math, if the whole money looted from Nigeria remained in Nigeria it would bring positive growth to the economy, for example, one retired top Nigerian government official stole money from Nigeria and deposited it in CA-Bank Austria.
The looted money stolen by the corrupt official became the lifeline of credit in Austria, with the bank generously granting loans to Austrians at affordable rates, now imagine if that money were to remain in Nigeria looted or not it would give relief to a high number of Nigerians instead of Nigerian money being used to abuse Nigerians living in Europe.

I am not, in any case, insinuating that any case involving DCP Abba Kyari should not be tried and if found guilty should not be punished according to the laws of Nigeria, however, I do strongly believe that jurisdiction should be applied accurately because in which case he should be tried on crimes committed in Nigeria that can be proven.
On the other hand, if the FBI wants to arrest DCP Abba Kyari I would agree only the same FBI arrest names in the list of Americans and their cohorts that have defrauded the Nigerian state, the list can be readily found in 9jacommunity on request.

The truth is that if Huspuppi and DCP Abba Kyari were Americans they probably might be in the American hall of fame with the likes of Frank Abagnale whose con acts spanned over two decades.
It is my opinion that police people are hired but I don't know who hired the USA as world police where they can just sit down a continent away and put a country in disarray.
I don´t like to say this but it is within the legal rights of the Nigerian government to persecute all those calling on the FBI to arrest DCP Abba Kyari or even those that support the indictment because Nigeria is a sovereign nation and any citizen calling for a third country to arrest, kidnap or kill a government official can be regarded as treason.

Historically, we see that any country that invites the western countries into their country always regrets it, so why would anyone even take the words of the FBI as wort while?
Recently, Apple announced it would be scanning iOS 15 with child abuse material scanning, this means that your iPhone could be scanned without you knowing, however, we all agree that child abusers should be stopped but who draws the line on the information that will be collected?
The same can be said for Facebook and other western social media websites whose primary source of revenue is the US government because they provide information that is used against other governments and individuals mostly Africans.

The African initiative to combat these illegal data mining carried out by western countries against unsuspecting Africans is called 9jacommunity, a place where none of your data is collected, a place where you are free from any governmental control but at the same time, strict enforcement of decency is guaranteed.
The sad part of the whole Africa vs western government saga is that the western governments do not even need to personally push their agenda anymore that is now done by Africans who claim to be educated or have lived in the west for a brief time, they go about Africa pretending to be cool with iPhone-whatever and claiming to be making money from Facebook when what they are doing is being paid piecemeal for pushing western agenda in Africa.

If you are one of these types who unknowingly are spreading western agenda in Nigeria I think it is time you rethink before the African tide sweeps you away, everyday Nigerians are aware of the manipulation by western governments and are now taking back their future and they are doing it a step at a time with 9jacommunity.

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