Hushpuppi sent me $ 1,000,000 a week before his arrest what should i do?

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Hushpuppi was also notable with classy luxurious cars costing again millions of dollars which made his personality stands out in classy cars exhibitions, but then again none of the cars manufacturers cry out disclaimers about Hushpuppi, for example, 306,456.31 dollar Rolls Royce Cullinan

Recently making waves on the internet in the recent apprehension and arrest of Mr. Ramon Olorunwa Abbas, A.K.A Hushpuppi and about some of his dealing.
Another issue that is also related to the case of Hushpuppi and also making waves in Nigeria is the dissociation of people who previously have had one contact or the other with Hushpuppi.
There is a long list of individuals who fall into this category, the range is seemingly wide in scope from politicians, government officials, and celebrities, some of these individuals declare their dissociation on the internet with just simple text on social media, others on local press outlets while the louder bunch do it via video declarations on various social media outlets.

Do you not find that disgusting? if you do not, well I do and now I will tell you why I find that very appalling and a shame but not on the part of Hushpuppi but on those guys who when the going was good with Hushpuppi were there to eat, dine and call him their friend and then at the sign of trouble ran away like scared little children, now I am here telling you that Hushpuppi sent $1000000 to me, for what? well, I will not tell you but rather I will make my argument and then ask you what are your thoughts if there really should be any reason to even worry about it and if those that have dissociated themselves from him are even right in doing so or if they also need to be dissociated from.

These phrases in recent times are all too familiar in regards to the Hushpuppi saga " I did not get any money from him" " my dealings with Hushpuppi were strictly official " "I was not aware that he was a fraudster but I had my suspicions " " Hushpuppi only spent some money at the wedding that I invited him", all of these disclaimers are born from nothing but fear of being arrested by the American FBI, I recently completed a blog asking the legitimacy of the FBI even issuing any legally binding request for arrest or summons of an individual who is a citizen of another sovereign country.
The thing is that the dissociation carried out by those individuals is nothing more than post-colonial mental manipulation syndrome (PCMMS), it is a psychological deficiency predominantly and unknowingly felt by Africans and blacks who are willing to tradeoff their fellow Africans to the colonial master for their peace, in other words, people with this syndrome are or should be seen as a treat to Africa.

Do you know that the rush to denounce friendship and dissociation with Hushpuppi only makes it easier for injustice to be carried out against one of your own, I just wonder if Julian Assange were to be Nigerian or African if he would still even be alive now? see how easy it was for the so-called international criminal court in the Netherlands to jail African leaders without any stress.... it is all thanks to PCMMS none of their kinsmen comes out in their support.
Do you know the group of people who occupy the front role seating space in a Gucci exhibition? for those who do not know I will tell you that they are the biggest outlets whose purchases are upwards of $500,000 annually.
Hushpuppi, known by some fans as "the Gucci king" and by others " the Gucci royal or prince " spent millions of dollars on luxurious Gucci products, hence he was offered front role seat in any Gucci exhibitions that he attended but still I don´t see Gucci shouting out disclaimers in line of panic from the arrest of FBI, after all, Gucci could be seen as generating money illegally if they sell their branded wrist watches up to a million dollars which basically does the same functions that you can find in a $75.00 wristwatches, but alas, that fear is not there because the money is in the west while the owners of night clubs that Hushpuppi visited while on a visit to Nigeria are shitting their pants.

Hushpuppi was also notable with classy luxurious cars costing again millions of dollars which made his personality stands out in classy cars exhibitions, but then again none of the cars manufacturers cry out disclaimers about Hushpuppi, for example, 306,456.31 dollar Rolls Royce Cullinan 2020, it is estimated that Hushpuppi´s cars are worth over $6.8 million, the cars manufacturers sold their branded cars for millions that do the same thing as a $ 90 000 car so the rest is overpaid or overcharge which could be said to be a form of extortion.
Why do some Nigerians not look at the bigger picture of what we do to ourselves with our quick submission to western powers? why do some Nigerian feel satisfied with one side of the story? are you aware that a large number of the so-called victims of his scams only fell into it with the intention of collecting money supposed to have been stolen from Nigeria to be hidden in his or her account? do you think that if the stolen money from Nigeria was real and sent to the person he or she will send it back to you?

Hushpuppi could be said to be a product of the unfair trading standards carried out against Africa by colonial powers' policies that is responsible for creating poverty and unemployment in Nigeria and of course Africa as a whole. Millions of young men and women in Nigeria are either jobless or underpaid and with an ever-increasing cost of living, they are forced to look for a means of living that is taken from them.
It is said that if you chase a goat to the wall it will turn back and attack you, same is the case the world over, and the same is the case in Nigeria where your western policies have made it hard for the youths of Nigeria to make what could be even called a living.
For over half a century over 90% of Nigeria´s wealth have been stolen and hidden in western countries we never see a white man being paraded on the web as the "Thief of Africa or Nigeria " yet their actions have killed millions of Nigerians and taken away the future of millions and now because one Nigerian is bold enough to slap you in the face with your own money and now you are shouting?

In an even more bizarre twist in contrast to the Hushpuppi saga, when a bank is listed as an accomplice in a money theft committed by a Nigerian official them more Nigerians including the rich, super-rich begins to endorse that as a bank of choice.
There are some people who are filled with overwhelming joy and in full support of the arrest of Hushpuppi but let me ask them one question, do you think that this Mr. Ramon Olorunwa Abbas is or will be the last Hushpuppi?
If you are a Nigerian then I guess you know that the only thing that increases each year without any relent is joblessness and with the still unfair economic robbery of Nigeria going on it is only a matter of time before someone else takes his place.
Yes, I know you think you have a moral obligation or conviction to content Hushpuppi and if so be the case does your conviction not also ask that the white men responsible for hoarding Nigerian stolen wealth be likewise brought to justice?

Once again would justice not be a fair trade if it was practiced equally and not when it involves an African then he or she is a fraud, a thief, a dictator, and when it involves a white man then it is regarded as a brand, a luxury a company, or do Nigerians not die from the poverty that is imposed on them by such theft?
Nigeria will never prosper as long as we are ready to confirm our own without needing any proof whatsoever, as long as one time friends can just deny you at the first sign of trouble.
Check out the number of Nigerians suffering in jails all over the world because it is our culture to abandon our own and also satisfaction on single-sided stories. Do you even have any idea that your denial of your association in whatsoever form of relationship with Hushpuppi is used by the western countries to punish your fellow Nigerians without any compassion or care?

Now my question to you is that if when gifts or money are given to you by anyone do you make it a habit to ask where did you get the money or gift from? be honest to yourself.
What would you do if you were given $ 1000000 by Hushpuppi ? would you (A) give the money back to the FBI (B) Give the money to the Nigerian government to return it to the Americans or ( C ) keep it and improve your living conditions.
Remember, a gift once accepted is own property and besides even at the recovery of 99% of the total fraudulently received wealth the jail term for Hushpuppi still remains the same.

Once again I tell you if you want a future for Nigeria and Nigerians stop speaking against your own, stand together because together we are stronger, join us now at 9jacommunity let us stand for equal justice and the right of all Nigerians.


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