About Naija community
Online social media community for connecting people in Nigeria to share their messages, thoughts, experiences, picture, videos etc


9jacommunity is and always will be a free social media website, the name is 9jacommunity pronounced Naija-community is a social media website is for anyone who wants to be free, who wants to have a safe social online communication. 9jacommunity is an independent social media platform with no political affiliations, sponsorship or ideologies, 9jacommunity is a place where users are free to interact with each other, to do their businesses, to share times with friends and family alike. 9jacommunity strives to win the absolute trust and support of all our users so we take the privacy of all our users is in the heart of this platform. 9jacommunity prides its self in our efforts to integrate Nigerian grassroot entrepreneur the chance to improve their reach. Although the name indicates a link to Nigeria, 9jacommunity is open to everyone to socialize, interact and have fun, 9jacommunity adheres to its terms and conditions, 9jacommunity invites everyone to coming, have fun.